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How the Foot Pedal Sealing Machine Operates and How it Works

Jan. 05, 2022

passing type pedal sealing machine


What should I pay attention to when operating the pedal sealing machine?

The pedal sealing machine is a packaging equipment, which belongs to the category of equipment accessories. It is based on the advanced models at home and abroad, redesigned and manufactured. So, what should be noted in the operation, the following is a brief introduction to you.

1. When operating, pay attention to the position of your hand so that your hand will not be burned.

2. When you stop using, be sure to turn the heat adjusting temperature knob counterclockwise to the minimum position.

3. Seal the bag mouth flattened to prevent foreign objects from entering the bag.

4. The length of the overhanging part of the heating wire at both ends should not be greater than 2mm, otherwise the ends of the heating wire will be easily burned off.

5. When debugging the film temperature, the temperature should be gradually increased from small debugging, until the film sealing (heat sealing) temperature is appropriate. But can not be temperature from high to low debugging, otherwise it is easy to burn the heating wire, burn bad electric heating tape and pressure glue.


Pedal sealing machine operation before the preparation

The pedal sealing machine must be tested before actual operation, adjusting the temperature and the corresponding sealing temperature, and repeated several times to find the temperature and speed that are satisfactory for sealing quality and efficiency, and then proceed to formal operation. The foot-operated sealing machine has the function of continuous conveying, sealing and printing in a single operation, and can be used in horizontal, vertical or floor-mounted mode. It adopts electronic thermostatic control and stepless speed-adjusting transmission mechanism, and can be used for plastic films of various materials.


Structure and working principle of pedal sealing machine


How the Foot Pedal Sealing Machine Operates and How it Works



The top plate and the bottom four corners of the top plate are fixed with legs, the upper end of the inner leg is welded with a support plate, the upper end of the support plate is fixed with a motor through the bolt, the power output of the motor runs through the support plate and is fixed with a threaded rod, the threaded rod is externally threaded with a threaded sleeve, and the two ends of the threaded sleeve are welded with a support rod.

Working principle

In actual use, the bag can be placed on the placing plate. Then look at the distance between the mouth of the bag and the pressure plate, if the mouth of the bag is lower than the pressure plate, you can adjust the placing plate upward. The motor work can drive the threaded rod to rotate clockwise. Then it can drive the threaded slide on the threaded rod to move upward. Then it can drive the moving plate upward through the supporting rod and connecting rod. Thus, it can drive the placing plate to move upward. When the distance between the mouth of the bag and the pressure plate is just right, turn off the motor. It can adjust the position of the plate according to the different specifications of bags. It can meet the requirement of sealing different size of bags. No need to manually lift the bag for sealing, easy and fast operation, can greatly improve the sealing efficiency.


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