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How Does The Handheld Sealing Machine Work?

Nov. 26, 2021

Handheld Sealing Machine


Hand held heat sealer machines use heated seal wires which are activated when the seal bar is pressed close. A silicone sealing pad that can withstand direct heat contact is also made from the sealing bar. The sealing bar forces the wire and the film to melt the seal-forming material and mend it.


How do you seal a pouch?

Heat sealing offers the utmost satisfaction to your clients that their product is protected and that their product has never been opened. For this method to operate, the bags must have a heat-sealable laminate interior.

Quick & Easy Steps

  • Set a lower setting for the system and change higher if necessary.

  • Fill the desired contents in the bag (avoid getting any product into the zipper area and do not overfill the bag).

  • To close the bag securely, gently run your fingers over the zipper.

  • Place the top of the filled bag just “above the tear notches” between the seal bars.

  • For approximately 2-3 seconds, push down gently and release.


Applications of Sealing Machines

In the chemical, medical, and pharmacy sectors, sealing devices are used extensively. Meat, drinks, cosmetics, electronics, and semiconductors are also manufactured using sealing machines.

End-of-line machines get ready for shipping of the item. Bundlers (also called sleeve wrappers), palletizers, pallet wrappers, plus the conveyor system used to move the goods could be included in this. For the application of labels or printing on the package, extra machinery is used.

Uniform case sealers may be used for production runs of cases of the same size. They can be physically reset between box cases.

Random case sealers are used when each package size differs randomly, such as in order to pick warehouses. The device automatically switches to the box dimension when seen. At lower volumes, random case sealers are more expensive and more costly than uniform case sealers.


The final words

Hand-held heat sealers for packaging are a good option for smaller businesses experimenting with stand-up pouches because they are an easy and handy way to seal this form of packaging. However, for larger brands looking to sell thousands of pouches, a more advanced form of heat sealers for food packaging is preferred. Impulse sealers lock the materials used to produce stand-up pouches together by adding a burst of energy to the plastic layers, then immediately cooling the heated area while the packaging seals. Direct heat sealers, on the other hand, involve clam shell sealers and vacuum sealers, which deeply penetrate the structural elements involved in kraft stand-up pouches and seal barrier pouch bags. These heat sealers for food packaging are used for thicker materials than impulse sealers and maintain a constant temperature throughout.

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