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Carton Sealer

Carton Sealer

The carton sealer is the first choice for cutting costs and improving packaging efficiency, allowing you to save and manage the amount of tape used and the time spent in the sealing process.

If you want to upgrade your existing packaging line, or convert from manual sealing to a low cost, high efficiency automatic box sealing machine, we are the ideal choice, with our experience and professional technical support, to provide you with a variety of carton sealing machine with different functions.

Automatic adjustable carton sealing machine

High degree of automation

Manual adjustment of the height and width of each carton

No operator required

Ideal for boxes of the same size

Optional indexer and box placement into the sealer

Fully automatic box sealing machine

Automatic height and width adjustment of the sealing machine

No operator required

Can use random cartons

If you would like more information about automatic carton sealer, please contact us.

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