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Shrink Packaging Machine 


Shrink wrap machine is a common term used in the packaging market. If used properly, shrink packaging machine refers to a machine used for heat shrink product packaging, which includes a sealing machine and a heat source to use heat for shrink packaging. People often use the term "reducing packaging equipment" when defining pallet stretch packaging equipment.

The reduction cover device sealant closes the open end of the reduction film, and the heat source applies heat to the material to shrink it into a product. Inefficient operations usually use a heat gun as a heat source.

Our plastic wrapping machine has many types and sizes to choose from, if you are interested in our automatic shrink wrap machine, please contact us.

 L bar sealer

This is an excellent choice for anyone who uses shrink bags or shrink tubes. The I-Bar sealer provides a sealing strip to seal and cut the shrink film. Our I-Bar parcel reduction system is equipped with everything you need to start parceling your products. Our mobile I-Bar sealing machine provides removable fixed rods to quickly and successfully seal items. As opposed to moving the product to the fixed rod, the user repositions the fixed rod around the item.

shrink tunnel

Perfect from medium to high-speed outcome operations. Reduce tunnels come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Shrink passages significantly quicken reduce wrapping manufacturing. We recommend any person covering more than 150 items per day take into consideration purchasing a shrink tunnel.

Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrappers

The automatic side sealing shrink packaging equipment is a high-speed continuous movable shrink packaging machine. The conveyor belt system moves the product together with the manufacturer, while the robotic arm trims and seals the shrink film. The feeding speed can shorten the packaging time, and the feeding system can ensure that the correct amount of shrink film is used.

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