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Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The most significant benefit of vacuum packaging machines is the ability to hygienically package any product and bag size in one cycle.
Classic Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer increases the shelf life of food products and facilitates presentation, further processing or storage.

The applications of vacuum sealers range from small machines to the use of semi-automatic machines in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as important industrial applications in fully automated packaging lines.

Whether your product is 135 cm long, liquid, paste or very fragile, whether you want to fill and seal bags for the final consumer market or for further processing of the value chain - one of the XingYe vacuum packaging machines is guaranteed to fit your product and packaging needs.

The range of applications for our Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer covers a wide range of areas. From small table-top vacuums in kitchens, markets and food stores to durable single- or double-chamber machines in processes and workshops. 

Standard features of XingYe Single Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

Stainless steel chambers
Double Seal and Trim (DST)
Plug-and-play tool-free sealing strip system (depending on machine model)
Seals with spring loaded end pieces for perfect sealing and extended seal line life
Increased sealing pressure
Flat PE packing
Smart design and easy maintenance utilities (oil valve, overload switch and easily accessible service area)


XingYe single chamber vacuum packers are available with a stainless steel lid and a flat stainless steel chamber (VMS) or an aluminum chamber and a lid with viewing window (VM). These chamber vacuum sealers have digital controls and two quick-change seals for packaging multiple products in each cycle. Polyethylene filler panels are standard on these vacuum sealers and take up free space in the chamber to reduce cycle time.

XingYe single chamber vacuum sealers feature 10 program memories and soft air return. The soft air return protects delicate products by ensuring that air is gradually returned to the chamber at the end of the vacuum cycle. These chamber vacuum sealers feature the most powerful and reliable vacuum pumps in the industry.

Benefits of using a single chamber vacuum sealer

Higher vacuum percentage (lower oxygen) compared to nozzle type sealers
Little to no operator involvement once the lid is closed and the cycle begins
If your goal is to keep the object still, the percentage vacuum option will allow partial vacuum
The vacuum pump is built-in, so you don't need any additional equipment


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